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We take pride in focusing on the details that make your tour experience extra special. For us that means carefully selecting 4 and 5 star accommodation and designing routes that make the most of your location

Each travelling day is planned to get the best of the roads you're driving on, surrounded be spectacular scenery, visiting places of interest and as much open road as the destination allows. 

With over 20 years of travel and hospitality experience (and many of our own private driving holidays) we have found delightful recommendations and hidden places of interest that we can guide you too. 

We want you to have the driving holiday that is without question a fabulous experience, choosing outstanding accommodation, indulging in the finest cuisines accompanied by pallet refreshing drinks and most of all the routes and roads you travel on.

Tom Adamson
Tom is the car man!
He grew up with a fascination and love of cars and in particular Classic and Sports Cars.
Tom takes great care to ensure the routes are suitable and enjoyable for both driver and passenger. its important to make sure that all types of cars are able to drive our routes without causing unnecessary stresses to the car.
Security at the hotels is also a priority making sure the parking is suitable and safe. 
Having recently acquired his National B Circuit Racing Licence and owning classic cars himself makes Tom very passionate about his job
Debbie Gibbs
Debbie is the organiser.
With a history spanning over 20 years working in hotels and touring industry. From college to kitchens, London hotels to touring companies, office based to chef whites and says the key to a great experience is meticulous planning, quality and to love what you do.
The last 12 years have been with a touring company arranging itineraries, locations and hotels before making her dream job come true by creating Evoke Tours.
Evoke Tours
St Keverne
Sandymere Road
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