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We are calling all classic and sports car owners to take part in something incredible this year by joining our nationwide fundraising relay for Cancer Research UK.

This 22 day epic adventure is a daily challenge and you can join in for as many sections/days as you would like 1, 2, 10 or all 22!

It's just £25 to register.

Sign up Today and be Part of Something Amazing

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How the Relay Works

How the Relay Started

In September 2018 I took time out from work to put my own life challenges into perspective and to do some much needed renovations on the house I had just bought. 

On one particular day I was thinking of my friends and family and I realised how many had either fought, are battling or have lost their fight with cancer. the number of people that I care about that have been affected was larger than I'd given thought to previously, it was at that point I knew I wanted to do more to help.

Thinking cap on and thoughts of cycling, swimming, running or hosting an event. Each idea came and went due to not owning a bike, swimming I can only do breaststroke and events I was terrified of no-one turning up.

So thinking of what I have that was different and what I can do started to narrow it down, the result was driving and my Morris Minor convertible. Tom and I love driving, planning holidays and tours, so I thought it would be a great idea to travel around the UK via most nooks and cranny's of the coastline. But how to make it bigger than just Tom and I in a car? .........let's invite everyone with a classic or sports car to join in.

I still had a big task on my hands in order to give the relay a voice, it was by chance when I was helping a friend with her MacMillan Coffee morning, Lisa McKenzie popped in and we started chatting. Lisa is an amazing lady who works for CRUK and North Devon's Relay for Life , we chatted about the relay and we both realised it would be fantastic to join forces - boom, the Relay was born!   

To Keep up to date with the story visit the Classic Car Relay Facebook Page